Plant & Food Research and its foundation companies Crop & Food Research and HortResearch have been working to support the needs of the Australian horticultural, arable and marine-based food industries for more than a decade. Check out some of the major milestones on the timeline below:


2013 - First fulltime scientists based in Australia

2012 – Australian Director of Research appointed (based in Adelaide)

2012 – Plant & Food Research joins the new Australian Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre

2011 - Plant & Food Research Australia formed

2010 - Phase 2 of Australian Potato Research Programme begins (including Plant & Food Research)

2010 - Avocado Alternate Bearing Research began for HAL

2009 – Plant & Food Research becomes a foundation member of PIPS

2008 – Crop & Food Research and HortResearch merged forming Plant & Food Research

2007 - HortResearch begin Avocado Australia Ltd Sensory Research

2006 - Avocado maturity: a review of harvest indices and how they relate to postharvest quality project began for HAL

2006 - GlycANZ established: research partnership between Crop & Food Research and CSIRO

2005 - JV company PREVAR established with APAL, Pipfruit NZ and HortResearch 

2005 - HortResearch establishes a wholly-owned subsidiary in Australia

2004 – HortResearch appoints Australian Business Manager

2004 - Assisting the development of the avocado oil industry in Australia and New Zealand project began for HAL

2004 – Crop & Food Research establish research partnership with Australian wheat growers, HRZ Wheat Growers Pty

2004 - Australian Potato Research Programme commenced (including Crop & Food Research)

2003 - Vegfed and AusVeg join with Crop & Food Research to establish vitalvegetables® initiative

2000 - Crop & Food Research appoints Australian Business Manager

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