What's new in Bioprotection


Plant & Food Research uses knowledge of biological systems to meet market access and phytosanitary requirements.

Bioprotection targets:

  • Advanced technologies to eliminate the impact of new incursions pre and post border
  • Targeted pest and disease control technologies, tools and systems that use negligible chemicals
  • Understanding impacts of new pests and pest control technologies

To maintain access to international markets, invasive pests and diseases must be prevented from crossing borders, and existing pests and diseases must be controlled without leaving problematic chemical residues on produce for export.

Plant & Food Research develops new technologies, tools and protocols that sustainably protect the horticultural industry from pests and diseases while maintaining quality and productivity.

We apply an ecosystem approach in dealing with plant pests and pathogens, while minimising residues from traditional chemical controls to maintain market access. Our researchers develop integrated pest and disease management systems that incorporate a range of methods applied throughout the pre- and postharvest system. We work with industry to enable a shift from traditional chemical-based programmes to those based on biological and ecological knowledge. We also work across country borders to minimise incursions of new pests and pathogens and with industry in developing new control methods and protocols when challenged with new incursions.

Our genomics research informs breeding decisions and supports the development of new cultivars with increased natural resistance to pests and diseases.

Plant & Food Research is a partner in the Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre (PBCRC)

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