What's new in Food Innovation

Food Innovation

Plant & Food Research is discovering the intrinsic benefits within plants and marine life and delivering natural goodness in food.

Food Innovation targets:

  • New plant and seafood-based products developed with substantiated health and lifestyle claims
  • New generation of functional foods based on holistic human physiology models
  • Understanding consumer purchase decisions and their application in premium product development
  • Assistance to major food and ingredient multinationals and SMEs with our value-adding knowledge and IP

Plant & Food Research has a wide range of experience in understanding the components and structure of food, how this is influenced by storage and processing and how food interacts and affects humans when in the diet. We combine our research ability with our understanding of business needs, our recognition of the need to be efficient and cost effective, and an awareness of food market trends such as human health, personalised nutrition and wellbeing, food safety, convenience, novelty and environmental responsibility.

We identify the wellness and health-promoting compounds within foods and define their delivery mechanisms. Then we enhance, extract and make these compounds available in whole foods, through conventional breeding of elite plant cultivars, and the development of ingredients and new, safe and convenient foods and beverages. We provide evidence to confirm the benefits of these natural compounds and our consumer and sensory science helps to ensure that whole and processed foods reaching the market meet the demands of the discerning consumer.

Our Food Innovation research informs our breeding programmes, developing elite new cultivars with identified health and processing attributes. Our research also inspires the development of new production systems tailored to produce precise levels of key compounds in fresh produce.

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